Ithaca Move to Amend

TransNat the Robot!

Use the links above to find out what's happening in and around Ithaca and the rest of the United States as we move towards amending the Constitution so corporations are no longer legally considered persons, and so that money is no longer legally considered speech.

And please come join us for a dinner discussion, movie screening, speech, teach-in, or live musical event. We meet to plan such events and other political actions on the third Monday of every month, at 7pm, at the Tompkins County Worker's Center above Autumn Leaves Bookstore on the Ithaca Commons.

Our members are of many political stripes, but we all agree on the principle that We the People should not be subordinate to legal fictions that we created to support us.

Sing We the People!


For more information, call 607-241-3685, email, and see Ithaca Move to Amend on Facebook. Contact